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Africana Studies at Brooklyn College

Official updates and RSS feed for the department.

The Africana Studies Dept. at Brooklyn College
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Official updates and RSS feed for the department.
Welcome to the Department of Africana Studies at Brooklyn College's community on LiveJournal! This community is primarily to provide department information and updates via RSS. The community site is NOT open for membership, but please feel free to watch us and/or comment.

About the Department:

The Africana Studies Department offers a multidisciplinary curriculum devoted to the study of Blacks in Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States. The wide range of courses focuses on the histories, cultures, politics, and societies of Africa and its diaspora. The multidisciplinary nature of Africana Studies exposes students to the theoretical approaches and basic content of many of the traditional liberal arts disciplines, including history, literature, and sociology.

Students have many options. The department offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in Africana Studies. We work with the School of Education to offer a BA degree in Adolescence Education: Social Studies Teacher, and with the Caribbean Studies program to offer both a BA in Caribbean Studies and a minor in Caribbean Studies. The department also offers minors in three areas: African Studies; African-American Studies; and Literatures of the African Diaspora. Each minor requires the completion of 15 credits of courses given by the Department of Africana Studies and other Brooklyn College departments.

We only offer an undergraduate degree program at this time.

Dept. of Africana Studies
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue, 3105 James
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Main Phone: (718) 951-5597
Main Fax: (718) 951-4707
Current Chairperson: Prof. L. Day
Current Office Administrator:
Contact E-mail: lday-at-brooklyn-dot-cuny-dot-edu

Main Website: Official Website at Brooklyn College
Other Sites: Africana Studies on Facebook; Africana Studies on Twitter